Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And 10 extra points ...

If you can guess which song on our playlist is the theme song for one of the best television series ever.

Hint: It's on HBO and it's on NOW.

Any Requests???

As your (self-appointed) blogger, I admit that my memories of our high school years aren't as vivid as some others among us. Some of us (and by some I mean a girl with the initials L.L.) have amazingly, almost total recall of the pre-1969 years. Honestly, you know who you are ... and your memory is impressive.

Anyway, I digress. I can remember a few noteworthy songs from our high school years. Light My Fire by The Doors, because some of us thought it was so funny to say "light my fire" in a really Southern twang. Stop (in the name of love) by the Supremes, because it was sooo much fun to sing "Stop!" and stick out your hand like Miss Diana Ross, then proceed to finish the routine just like the rest of the Supremes (or at least we thought we were just like them ... who were we kidding?).

I've included a few anthems of the era, like "Satisfaction" and "Mercedes Benz." I haven't intentionally left out the Beatles, their music catalogue just isn't available online for free. Oh, sure, I've probably left out the most important song of all ... but somebody will have to tell me what it was. Maybe "Lara's Theme" from Dr. Zhivago ... who knows? Email me, or leave a comment on the blog. I'll add whatever you like, honest!

NOTE: if this music is really bugging you, TURN IT OFF! Just click on the double vertical lines in the circle at the top left of the player. To re-start, click on the arrow in the same location. I know you already know how to do it ... I'm just sayin'. You can click on any song you want to hear.

In case you're questioning my inclusion of the Andy Williams classic, I think "Moon River" was our class song. I apologize for not remembering. Could someone give me a clue? I'd appreciate it.

Thanks to Didi Boyd Hager ... now we know the real class song .... ta da! Drum roll, please ...

I think the class song was "Born Free"; however, it should have been "Moon River"! Who remembers being "mooned" on the way to an out of town football game? HINT:
If you were a "Tigerette" you might remember! AND, the GRAND PRIZE goes to the person who can remember who did the "mooning"! HINT: he went to MHS!!!

February 20, 2009 12:54 PM

Thanks, Didi! But now I can't delete Moon River ... the memories!

*** See what you're missing if you don't add your own comments (or read them)! You'd think I would remember a mooning incident, wouldn't you? It must not have been a very memorable "bumper," huh? And Didi even remembers who it was .... I wonder when she'll tell us? Soon, I hope, maybe we can invite him to our reunion ... we might like to see a replay!

WHO WAS IT ???? Now I'm on pins and needles!

Okay, NOW the tunes are here!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009



In honor and remembrance of classmates who are no longer with us:

  • Tim Hahn
  • Christy Henderson
  • Norrie Holmes
  • Fred Hunt
  • Janice Lackey Thomas
  • Don McIntosh
  • Susan "Susie" Dale Redmon
  • Mark Rogers
  • William "Willie" Tresca

We miss you. We'll never forget you. We grew up together. You will always be a part of us.

- your classmates at Palmetto High School


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comments on our Save-the-Date, please!!!

Hi, everybody!

We're busy working on locating our fellow members of the Class of '69 for our upcoming reunion. Linda Westberry and Karen (Weeks) LaPensee have done an amazing job of finding people, and keeping records! Our class is scattered all over ... and some people are hard to find.

The save-the-date card above is the front of a tentative design for a postcard to be mailed in April, 2009, to alert all class members of the upcoming event. Please take a look and leave your comments ... good or bad ... the photo can easily change, and so can the layout. Most of the information about dates, etc., is on the back of the postcard. I won't finish that up until the front is finalized.

Let me know, your honest opinion please! Just click on the word "comments" to leave your message.

Thanks a bunch!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Presenting our Class Officers, 1968-69!

Remember our Senior Class Officers?

Click on "comments" below to post your guesses ... or just to say hello. We're sure you'll remember! After all, it was only yesterday ... right?

(and you can probably read the photo caption from the yearbook, so this isn't really much of a challenge!

And please don't forget to send us your email address, street address and phone number ... just email it to

Thanks a bunch!

Monday, February 2, 2009

So glad you came to visit!


It's so nice that you came to see our blog ... keep checking back for more photos, information and fun facts about our class.

Sadly, we lost a member of our class last week, Susie Dale Redmon. She left behind a loving family. A friend who left condolences on the Bradenton Herald website said that Susie was the most kind and giving person she had ever known. What a special remembrance for Susie and her family. She will be missed.

Please contact us for more information or suggestions regarding our upcoming reunion. We would really love to see you, and catch up with you on the forty (I can't believe it) years that have gone by since we graduated. We're all busy, and we know that your time is valuable ... but don't you remember things like the food at the cafeteria, the open halls (and entire campus) and no air conditioning? Your bus driver if you rode the bus?

Those are all good memories, and we have a lot more to share.

Our area has changed a bit, if you've moved away and haven't visited for a while. If someone had told me that there would be an Off Fifth (Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet) in the Ellenton outlet mall, I would have said they were pure whackadoodle crazy! And a Nike outlet? We wore Keds, remember?
And a new Publix right on Eighth Avenue in Palmetto ... whoopie! And a big new high-rise development where the dolomite pit was (at least I think that's what it was ... someone please correct me if I'm wrong!) on Hwy 301 on the River across from Manatee Memorial Hospital?

PHS Class of 1969 ... 40th Reunion ... October 2009! See you there!

*** There's more information on our other blog, ***