Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another shout out ...

A big Woo Hoo to Linda Westberry Lewis ... aka 'Sherlock' for her prowess in finding our missing classmates : )

She has some help, too ... from who else ... Dr. Watson, I presume?

If you're new to the blog, please click on the previous posts in the archive. There you'll find a list of classmates who haven't yet been located. If you can help us find them, we (meaning Sherlock) would really appreciate it!

Also, we do have a wee soundtrack of our high school days on the blog ... scroll all the way down and turn on your speakers! (You may have to click on the 'older posts' button. You'll find the playlist player there, and you'll be able to turn it off. It turns on automatically whenever you visit the blog. If you don't have speakers on your computer, it's no problem. You just won't hear the music.)

The accidental blogger is taking requests for your favorite songs ... email them to ... or send me a note in a comment.

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