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The following PHS Class of 1969 classmates either have not yet been located, or have not responded. If you keep in touch with anyone on the list below and know how we can contact them, please call 941-795-7500 or email us at ... thanks so much!

Acree, Sara
Bell, Annie Carol
Blaylock, Pamela
Brooks, Alan Randall
Butler, Cheryl Deana (Brinson)
Church, Mary Alice (Rickenbrode)
*** Thanks for calling, Mary Alice! Can't wait to see you!
Darty, Carol (Repass) *** Thanks so much for calling, Carol. We hope you'll join us in Oct!
Dawes, Francine
Dicks, Shirley
Ervin, Marion Leroy
Fenton, Maurice
Gemmill, Glenn *** We've made contact! Great to hear from you, Glenn!
Guthrie, Donnie *** Address found, but we haven't been able to get in touch.
Guthrie, Ronnie
*** Address found, but we haven't been able to get in touch.
Hazelbaker, Lloyd ***We're sorry to let you know that we have a report of Lloyd having passed away in February, 2001. He was employed by the Bradenton Police Dept. Our condolences go out to his family.
Humphrey, Evelyn
Judkins, Brenda (Burmeister)
*** Thanks for calling, Brenda! Hope to see you at the Reunion!
Kirkby, Mike
*** Thanks for calling, Mike! We hope to see you in October!
Knight, Karen Elizabeth
Lang, Greg *** Thanks for calling, Greg! We're making progress! Hope to see you in Oct!
Markham, Diane Virginia
McCloud, Joseph *** Thanks for calling, Joe! We hope to see you at to our Reunion!
McIntosh Messer, Laura *** Thanks for getting in touch, Laura! We hope to see you in Oct!

McNabb, Charles
Mitchell, Pam
Moran, Charles
Norris, Susan Elaine
Norris, Vickie Lynn (we have an old address that needs verifying )
Pittman, Joy ( Terry )
Reeder, Mike *** Thanks for calling, Mike. We hope you'll join us in October!
Robinson, Bertha Janette
Ross Williams, Ellen
** Thanks for getting in touch, Ellen! We hope to see you in Oct!
Seger, Ricky
** Thanks for getting in touch! We hope to see you in Oct!
Shuman, Dale
Simon, Ronald
Simons, Robert Warren
Smith, Gail Ann
Steel, Sandra Rosalie
Stephens, James
Thompson, Tommy
Turner, Charles "Charlie"
Turner, Judy
Turton, Linda Mae
Washington, Larry Joseph
Wells, Mary
West, Cynthia Dale
Williams, Kenny Edward
Zavitz, Barbara ( Wood )

Hello from our Class of '69 online HQ,

From now on, I'll note the classmates who've responded right here on the list. Linda Westberry Lewis has been so dedicated to finding everyone, she deserves a big THANK YOU from all of us!

And thanks again to everyone who has responded! We really appreciate it, and hope to see all of you in October!

Your Reunion Committee

Other classmates who transferred or left school before graduating:
Anemaet (sp?), Peter
Arnold, Carl
Capell, Mary
Harrison, John
*** We've made contact! Great!
Hays, Lonnie
Hodge, John
Hooper, Ricky
Hyatt, John
Lowry, Dorothy (Tindall)
Myers, Mike
Porter, Doron
Proctor, Earl
Pyles, Faith (Sloan)
Rawls, Ennis
Redfern, Morris
Suttner, Steve
Terry, Allen
Terry, Brent
*** Thanks for calling. Hope to see you at the Reunion!
Waterstraw, Harvey
Westberry, Jennifer (Bell)
Williams, Glenn

Thanks so much for your help. We’re a small class … we need to find as many people as we can and we'd would really appreciate any information you may have!

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